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Learn More About Us

As your Computer and Technology specialists, from residential to commercial, Break-fix to Managed services, Mad City Techs is here to serve you. As opposed to many of our competitors, our goal as an IT provider is to grow with our customers rather than away from them. Your success is, after all, paramount to ours.


Company Background

We were founded in July 2004 after Gateway Computers closed down all of their locations in April 2004. While working for Gateway we configured, deployed and repaired over 20,000 computers in the state of Wisconsin.

We started out as a very small company with only a dozen or so customers. Over the past 16 years, we have grown the company from a small computer repair shop to a full-service IT firm, providing Managed IT Services to corporate clients throughout the Dane County area.

These customers (home and business) rely on Mad City Techs to keep their computers and networks up and running. We handle everything from component repair for laptops (including LCD, power stems, and motherboards) to Enterprise server setups for mail, file sharing and remote access.

We pride ourselves on our customer care, quick response and resolution times. We use industry leading Monitor, Management and Backup software to ensure your business stays up and running. We are a company you can trust with your critical tasks and sensitive data, just ask any of our clients.

Contact Us Today

Get in touch with us at 608-663-8324 for a FREE site evaluation for your business or for more details about our IT services!

Your Experienced Technology Support Specialists