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Spam & Web Protection for Your Business

Did you know that unsolicited, or spam, email accounts for more than three-quarters of all email traffic worldwide? That means several hundred billion new pieces of spam are sent each day. Your company is sure to receive its fair share of this spam content if you are not properly protected. Luckily, Mad City Techs has a solution to the inundation of spam email in your inbox. You shouldn’t let spam email bog down your inbox and slow your productivity. Trust our team of IT professionals to install spam and web protection on your company servers. Protect your inbox, beef up security, and be more productive throughout the workday. We promise you won’t miss the daily influx of junk mail. Contact us today to learn more about our spam and web protection services.


Mad City Techs Enhances Company Productivity & Security

Spam does more than add an annoying volume of mail to contend with. Unsolicited email also increases your info structure’s vulnerability. Email is a common source of malware, ransomware, and other viral types of attacks. These attacks can be used to steal, destroy, or even hijack your company’s data. In order to protect your employees, clients, and business as an entity, you must invest in proper spam and web protection. Fortunately, Mad City Techs offers these services and more. We can take care of all your IT concerns quickly and at affordable prices. The benefits of opting for our spam and web protection services include:

  • No equipment to install
  • Works with local exchange
  • Works with Office 365
  • Held spam reports
  • Instantly release held messages from daily held mail reports.
  • If your exchange server goes down, your mail is spooled until your problem is resolved

Don’t Stand for Spam—Contact Us Today

If your company uses email to communicate, you’ll want to invest in spam and web protection. At Mad City Techs, our computer and technology specialists can help you diagnose IT issues and resolve them as they arise. One of the best ways to avoid unwanted problems and viruses is to protect your business accounts from malware hidden in unsolicited email. That’s why our experts recommend professional spam and web protection installation. Reduce the risk, increase your productivity, and save time and money in the long run. If you’d like to learn more about our spam and web protection or other IT services, please contact us today. A member of our team would be happy to discuss your concerns and explain your options.

Your Experienced Technology Support Specialists