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Residential IT Services

Mad City Techs is your first stop for computer repairs and service in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Mad City Techs does more than just computer repair, we help you keep your computer running well by offering the services below.


Virus Detection and Removal

There are some very common misconceptions related to computers and viruses out there today. The top of the list is the belief that if you own a Mac you are immune to viruses or “I don’t have anything to worry about all I do is check my email.”

I can assure you both of these are inaccurate assumptions; the fact of the matter is viruses do not discriminate by brand or usage. The majority of viruses are the result of an ill-fated click on a web link or an infected attachment in your email.

While a good antivirus will help reduce your risk, no antivirus is 100% and in the event you do become infected, Mad City Techs can help. Our knowledgeable staff has the tools and experience to resolve your issues while making every effort to maintain the integrity of your data.

Wired and Wireless Network Setup

Whether you have a new internet provider with no idea how to connect your devices or a dated network and a need for wireless, Mad City Techs can get you up and running. Call today to schedule a tech to come out and configure a solution that fits your needs.

Software Repairs and Hardware Troubleshooting

Corrupt updates, misconfigured software, or failed hardware such as drives memory or motherboards Mad City Techs can determine the source of your issues. We have the tools and resources to determine the root of your issues and get you back up and running in no time.

System Tune-Up

System running a bit slow? Long boot times? Or just a never ending string of notices regarding updates?

A system tune-up might be just what you need. Over time computer systems tend to become “clogged up” if you will with old unnecessary files and data that can affect performance. Combined with outdated drivers and missing updates it can leave a person feeling like the only solution is a new system.

Truth be told, many times these issues can be resolved for a flat rate in our shop saving you expense as well as the time it would take you to put all your favorite programs on your new machine. Let Mad City Techs show you how we can increase your computers performance today.

Computer Sales

New laptop or custom built gaming rig we can quote, order, build, and configure what you are looking for. Just let us know what you would like to accomplish and we will find the solution that fits your needs.

Data Backup

We use our computers to store many things, family pictures, tax documents, school or work projects. When things are working well this is a very convenient and accessible place to store these items.
In the event of hardware failure, the expense of retrieving this data can be astronomical if it’s even possible at all. Fortunately, we have several solutions, either local or remote, to e nsure your data’s integrity and safety.
We also provide personal training services.

Your Experienced Technology Support Specialists